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Manufacturing & Processing

Improved profitability is the goal of every business, and gains in production, quality and safety are the key drivers of profitability. Thermo Fisher Scientific has developed a range of process, testing, and analytical solutions for oil and gas, mining, power utility, renewable energy, petrochemical refineries, aerospace and defence, steel, aluminum, plastics, rubber, and nonwovens manufacturers, construction and transportation, paper and pulp, pharmaceutical and semiconductor manufacturers, system integrators, water analysis facilities and more—all aimed at helping our customers achieve success by making business growth a reality.

Data Logging

DataTaker is one of the world's leading brands of general purpose and specialised data loggers and data recording equipment. We supply to a broad range of customers across many industries including environmental, industrial, construction, manufacturing, process management, scientific, laboratory and education. Our data loggers are designed to be compatible with almost all types of sensors, with a strong focus on communications to make your data easily accessible.

Environmental Test

Whether it is the standard range of test chambers or custom designed equipment, we can provide the complete solution to meet your unique requirements. Our Angelantoni Test Technologies (ACS) range covers all facets of testing, temperature, humidity, thermal shock, stress screening, vibration, corrosion, solar/light and altitude/pressure.

Test & Measurement

The test and measurement product portfolio is complemented with reliable magnetostrictive linear position measurement systems, strain gauges, general purpose and low profile load cells, contact and non-contact torque transducers for use in industrial environments, and digital multimeters for electrical value measurement. All products are used in demanding applications to give you accurate measurements and test results to ensure you maintain the consistent, reliable performance of your equipment and operations.

Pressure & Level

Thermo Fisher Scientific offer a diverse range of pressure calibrators and high precision laboratory and field portables to calibrate, commission and maintain today’s high accuracy process instrumentation.  With products from leading manufacturers like Fluke and Paroscientific, Thermo Fisher Scientific can offer solutions for a wide variety of applications.

Temperature, Humidity
& Sonic Measurement

Thermo Fisher Scientific represent industry leading brands with innovative technologies for temperature and humidity measurement, including thermal and sonic imaging.
Temperature can be a sign of trouble ahead. With Fluke thermal cameras and imagers you can detect issues before they become problems. Testo Infrared (IR) thermal imaging portable meters are used to measure temperature of a surface without making any contact. With sonic imagers, you can quickly and accurately locate leaks from compressed air systems.

Material Analysis

Portable analytical instruments deliver instant, actionable data for quick decision making in critical situations. State-of-art technologies and easy-to-use interface provide fast, reliabkle chemical identification and material verification to reduce risks, ensure product quality and improve company profits.


Process analytical technology solutions for pharmaceutical development and manufacturing. With applications that span the drug development process through to large-scale commercial production, we provide a broad range of products including single-use technologies as well as analytical instruments, cell culture labware and media, centrifugation, purification, and analytics for detection of process/product impurities and contaminants.

ESD, EMC & TLP Systems

Electrostatic Discharge (ESD), Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) & Transmission Line Pulse (TLP) Systems. Verify that your products can withstand electrostatic discharge (ESD) events and other threats with comprehensive simulators and test systems that ensure your semiconductors, integrated circuits, and other electronic products are in compliance with national, international, and industry ESD and electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) test standards.

Proximity, Position & Velocity

Thermo Fisher Scientific offers a comprehensive range of displacement measurement sensors, from proximity probes to meet basic position control applications to Inductive distance sensors as well as linear variable displacement transformers. We also supply a range of sensors based on laser triangulation, fiber-optic and capacitance technologies for position, displacement and vibration measurement applications.

Flow & Density

Thermo Scientific™ density meters and easy-to-use density gauges measure density or density-related variables with highest precision at widest at widest temperature range. Ultrasonic and Vortex flowmeter solutions to accurately measure liquid or gas flow at a temperature range from -200°C to 600°C. Portable and fixed installation smart flowmeters provide superior performance under the most demanding conditions.

Process Gas Analysis

Gas measurement and analysis improve process efficiency, reactor performance and assure safety in petrochemical, power generation and lean combustion applications. Thermo Scientific manufacture a range of advanced, easy to maintain process analysers for fast and efficient analysis of liquid and gas process streams to provide enhanced control resulting in significant cost reductions and improved product quality and compliance.


Thermo Fisher Scientific offer a range of universal data loggers, data recording equipment, portable and benchtop data acquisition systems, multi-function data acquisition boards, wireless smart sensors and software to meet your specific application requirements.

Mining & Bulk Material Handling

Industrial companies worldwide in the mineral and coal mining, cement, construction, aggregates, electric utilities, chemical processing, plastics, and food industries, among others, turn to us for weighing, monitoring, bulk material handling, sampling systems and applications expertise to help to optimise process control, production monitoring, and automation.


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