Suction Solutions  

Suction Solutions

The Promed® range of suction solutions includes sterile suction tubing, Yankauer suction handles, uterine aspiration cannulas and more.


Popular suction solutions products

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Featured suction solutions products

Suction Handle  

Promed Yankauer Suction Handle

The Promed Yankauer suction handle is comfortable to hold and provides continuous suction, making it ideal for use in a range of surgeries. Its strength and durability also makes it an ideal choice for suctioning in Emergency, ICU and other ward use.


Promed Catheter Packs

Promed Catheter Procedure Packs have been developed in consultation with Australian Continence Clinical Nurse Consultants. All packs are designed to include all of the items required to perform a catheter change aseptically, with particular features ideal for community use.

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Suction Tubing  

Promed Sterile Suction Tubing

The Promed sterile suction tubing are designed to be used in conjunction with all suction accessories, including the Promed Yankauer Suckers and Promed Uterine Suction Cannulas, for surgical suctioning procedures.


Promed OrthoFlow Set

The Promed Orthoflow is used for the removal of blood and other fluids during orthopaedic and other procedures. It combines suction and filtering—removing debris (bone fragments, chips, cement, marrow and blood clots) from the operative area.

Uterine Suction Cannulas  

Promed Uterine Suction Cannulas

Designed for uterine evacuation and curettage to remove excess tissue and blood in gynaecological curettage procedures.

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