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Sharps Safety - Surgical

We offer a range of sharps safety products for surgical and operating room. Our range includes needle counters, magnetic instrument mats, sharps disposal systems and scalpel holders.


Popular sharps safety products

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Featured sharps safety products

Blades Scalpels  

Blades & Scalpels

For a complete selection of scalpels, scalpel Blades, and safety retractable scalpels from KAI medical.


Devon Needle Counters

The DEVON Needle Counters provide a safe and effective solution of secure needle placement, retention, and count after use in surgery. A fast, easy Scalpel Blade Removal System is also available.

  Devon Needle Counters
ArcRoyal Needle Counters  

ArcRoyal Needle Counters

ArcRoyal Needle Counters are designed to provide a safe and easy way to store and count various types of sharps used during a procedure.


Sharpak™ Sharps Disposal Containers

Rexam Sharpak™ Compact Sharps Containers reduce risk of accidental needle stick injury. They are easy to operate with rotating open/close/lock and incorporate a non-return closure.

Devon Magnetic Needlefinder  

Devon Magnetic Needlefinder

Rolling, magnetic and reusable Needlefinder provides a convenient, safe and effective method to find and pick up needles or blades that may have fallen on the floor.


ArcSafe Magnetic Instrument Pad

The ArcSafe Magnetic Instrument Pad encourages safe sharps' passing practices, which will reduce accidental sharps injuries.

  ArcSafe Magnetic Pad
Devon Blade Holder  

Devon Blade Shield Scalpel Holder

The sterile, disposable Blade Shield holds the sharp edges of scalpels in the ‘down’ position, preventing accidental cuts or stabs.

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