Custom Procedure Packs  

Procedure Packs

Promed® Procedure Packs contain the core components commonly used for a particular procedure. The Standard Procedure Packs can be used as is, or as a platform base to build on to develop a Custom Procedure Pack. Our extensive range of Promed Standard Procedure Packs has been developed in consultation with clinicians and includes quality components from a number of quality, ISO certified manufacturers.

Promed Standard Procedure packs
The Promed standard procedure packs are manufactured and warehoused in Australia to ISO13485 ensuring continuity of supply.

There is a Promed standard procedure pack for almost all procedures and specialties including:

• Orthopaedic Surgery
• General Surgery
• Obstetrics & Gynaecology
• Anaesthetics
• Opthamology

• Vascular
• Oral & Maxillofacial
• Plastic & Reconstructive
• Cardiothoracic
• Urology

Featured procedure packs

Surgical Drapes  

Promed Catheter Procedure Packs

The Promed range of Catheter Procedure Packs have been developed in consultation with Australian Continence Clinical Nurse Consultants. All packs are designed to include all of the items required to perform a catheter change aseptically, with particular features ideal for community use.


Promed Custom Procedure Packs

Our locally manufactured Promed Custom Procedure Packs offer you a tailored solution for your surgery designed to reduce waste, reduce procedural set up time, and offer improved clinical patient outcomes. With the assistance of our experienced specialist team, we are able to create a safe, sterile environment for both patient and healthcare workers.

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