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DeView Host Software Frequently Asked Questions


Obsolete product notice

DeView is an obsolete product and is no longer offered. It has been replaced by the third party produce DPlot. For futher details please refer to the DPlot section of these FAQ's


What does DeView actually do?

DeView is a lightweight application that is used to display the data from dataTaker data logger replay files (.dlr) and binary data files (.dbd). It can display data in a time series, cross tabulated grid and a trend chart. It can also export data in 'csv' format for use in other programs such as spreadsheets.

DeView is a good choice when you need a simple application for viewing and exporting data. It also handles very large data files.

What version of Microsoft Windows does DeView work with?

DeView Version 2 Release 5 will run on Windows XP and Windows Vista. If you wish to run DeView on Windows 2000 then use DeView Version 2 Release 3 which supports that version of Windows.


After installing DeView it does run or I get the error "Application failed to initialise"

DeView requires the .NET2 framework which is normally installed when DeLogger5 is installed. There are two options to resolve this:

  1. Install Delogger5
  2. Download the .NET2 framework from Microsoft and install it.
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