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Some menu commands are unavailable (grayed out).

Check that the various elements of DeTransfer are in an appropriate state for what you're trying to do.

For example, Connect is unavailable when DeTransfer is already connected to the dataTaker, Disconnect and Unload are unavailable when there is no Connection, Cut is unavailable when a receive window is active, send commands are only available when a send window is active and there is a Connection, and so on.


When I transfer configuration files to another computer, my Connections are lost.

Connection information is computer-specific (stored in the computer's System Registry, not in DeTransfer configuration files) because it is based on Windows installed components. It is therefore not available on another computer.

You must re-create the Connections on the second computer.

My new Connections disappeared when my computer crashed. Why weren't they saved?

Connection information is saved only when you quit DeTransfer. Therefore, if your computer crashes after you create a new Connection and before you exit DeTransfer, the new Connection details will be lost.

I uninstalled a modem. What happened to the DeTransfer Connections that used it?

When you uninstall a modem, DeTransfer deletes any related Connections.

My new modem is not available in DeTransfer's Connection Configuration dialog box - I installed it when DeTransfer was running.

You must restart DeTransfer for it to recognize a newly-installed modem.

Note that installing hardware and software while programs are running is NOT recommended.

I'm using a pair of radio modems between DeTransfer and the data site. How do I configure them?

Unlike wired modems, Windows sees radio modems as a simple direct link. Therefore, treat them as a direct Connection in DeTransfer.

For many radio modems, in DeTransfer's Connection Configuration dialog box, click Properties and select Xon/Xoff in the Flow Control field. Be sure to see your modems' instructions for specific details.

A modem I was using at a remote data site doesn't work when I try to use it at the local (computer) end of the link.

A modem configured to work with a dataTaker must be reconfigured in order to function successfully at the computer end of the link. Reset the modem to its factory defaults.


None of the DDE channels in my dataTaker program are available even though their names include &!.

The switches on the dataTaker have been set so that the channel name text is not returned with the data and the channels are not available through DDE.

How do I set the dataTaker up to use the DDE channels again?

The switches are in the correct state after a RESET command. If the dataTaker has a program or data which needs to be kept, then send /N and /U to the dataTaker. The DDE channels should now be available.

Commands and Comments

I'm trying to put a comment into the receive window but when I type no characters appear.

Edit Lock is ON for the receive window. Choose Edit Lock from the Receive menu to allow text entry.

The file to which I am capturing data through backslash commands is unavailable to me because it appears to be open. Why?

You probably haven't used the \f. command to close the capture the file.

How do I modify a configuration file with an autoexec macro that contains a \q command?

You can only do this by opening the configuration file in a text editor that does NOT add any text formatting information. MS Notepad is suitable; MS WordPad and MS Word are not.

In the configuration file, find the section starting with MACRO [autoexec] N {. Somewhere in this block, terminated by }ENDMACRO, there will be a \q command. Remove or comment out this command, or rename the macro from autoexec to some other name.

Obsolete software

DTWin, DeCipher, DeTerminal won't work on my new computer

These older software packages were written for DOS or very early versions of Windows (3.11, Win95 Win 98) and are not compatable with Windows 2000, XP etc.

DeTransfer replaces all of these older software packages. To make your old dataTaker program files compatable with DeTransfer simply change the file extension on you current program files from .CMD to .DXC

Firmware Upgrade Function

Why do I get an error message when I try to run the firmware upgrade function?

DeTransfer shares the firmware upgrade function with DeLogger. If you uninstall DeLogger it can remove the registration of the firmware upgrade function from the operating system. This results in an obscure error message such as "OLE ERROR 1 IDP_UNABLE_TO_CREATE" when you attempt to upgrade firmware using DeTransfer.

To fix the problem re-install DeTransfer.

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