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This section of our web site has been established to house frequently asked questions (FAQ) on dataTaker products. Here you will find answers to questions that you might have about our products before you buy them, when trying to install and use for the first time, problems you might encounter, using our products with other products as well as code examples that demonstrate how to use our products in interesting and novel ways.

We have provided it in a wiki style to allow efficient searching and easy contributions from the dataTaker community. You will need an account to be able to contribute to our FAQ. Please send an email to dataTaker technical support to request an account.

Please note:

  • While we will endeavor to check all information posted in the wiki, some content and instructions may not have been verified by dataTaker.
  • dataTaker will review the site regularly for content that violates the intended rules of this wiki. We will not tolerate rude and uncivil postings, including profanity, hate and offensive content. Opinions and commentary should only be posted in the "discussion" section and not posted to the "article" sections of the wiki.

If you have questions that are not answered here, then please review the Finding Information section of the help page. Please do not post questions here, unless you also have the answer!

Product FAQs

Each of the product FAQs listed below has frequently asked questions and answers related to the dataTaker products mentioned.

  • DT80 Range FAQ - for the DT80, DT82E, DT82I, DT80G, DT81, DT85, DT85G, DT80M, DT85M, DT80GM and DT85GM data loggers
  • dEX FAQ - For the DT80 range web based interface
  • CEM20 FAQ - for the CEM20 channel expansion module
  • DT5/6xx Series FAQ - for the DT50, DT51, DT53, DT500, DT505, DT515, DT600, DT605, DT615 data loggers as well as related products such as CEM (channel expansion module) and PMD (panel mount display) (Note: Discontinued product. Have been replaced by the DT80 range)
  • CANgate FAQ - for the CANgate CAN bus to ASCII gateway
  • SMSX Modem FAQ - for the SMSX GSM/GPRS external modem (Note: Discontinued product)
  • DeLogger FAQ - for DeLogger and DeLogger Pro host software (Note: Discontinued product)
  • DeLoad FAQ - for DeLoad host software (Note: Discontinued product)
  • DeView FAQ - for DeView host software (Note: Discontinued product)

Other FAQs

Each of the FAQs listed below has has frequently asked questions and answers related to the topic mentioned.

  • Modems FAQ - for PSTN, GSM, CDMA, Satellite and other modems generally.

Code Examples

3rd Party Product Information

  • 3rd Party Products - Information about 3rd party products people have used or would like to use with dataTaker products.
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