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DT80, DT80M, DT80G, DT81, DT82E, DT82I, DT85, DT85M, DT85G and DT85GM data loggers (Series 1, 2 and 3) frequently asked questions.



General Information for the DT80 Range

Sensor Notes

Troubleshooting errors

Error and Fault information from the logger

To assist with troubleshooting your application, the DT80 range loggers include a number of error checking and event logging functions. It is useful to obtain the data from the logger to help identify the more subtle problems that may occur. The two log files that are available;

  • UERRLOG returns errors (exceptions/assertions).
  • UEVTLOG returns contents of event log.
  • SERVICEDATA returns a full service data report with extended diagnostics

These are best unloaded using dEX. Select "Monitor the logger" from the opening screen. Select "Diagnostics" under the status bar and click on Service report. Once the report has loaded right click the mouse and copy to an email.

DeTransfer text interface or via the File menu on the browser interface can also be used. With DeTransfer please make sure the "Keep receive buffer" is checked. (This is under the File menu) To save the report click on the receive window then select "File" > "Save as" then send the file as an attachment.

Please don't use the DeLogger text window as the returned report will be in fixed format mode and hard to read.

Create a Service data report on USB

You can create a Service data report on your USB memory.

To do this, create an ONINSERT.DXC file on the root directory of the USB memory, with the following text.

SATTN; SERVICEDATA "A:\Service Report\Servicedata.txt"; REMOVEMEDIA; CATTN

This will turn on the Attention LED, create a file called "Servicedata.txt" under a "Service Report" directory, remove the USB memory stick, then turn of the Attention LED

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