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What third party products can I use with a dataTaker data logger?

This page describes a wide variety of third party products that can be used with dataTaker data loggers in a wide range of applications. Where possible, information on using third party products with dataTaker data loggers or links to such information will be provided here.


  • Note that we do not sell or directly support these products. However we may be able to offer limited assistance with aspects related to their use with dataTaker data loggers.
  • Any information supplied here is supplied AS IS with no guarantees. We do not guarantee that 3rd party products mentioned here will fully integrate with dataTaker products. Any products known not to work with dataTaker products will be removed if we become aware of related problems.
  • Not all of these products have been tested by dataTaker.


Displays and Operator Interfaces

Displays can be interfaces to the DT80 range in three main ways:

  1. Via Modbus interface. Many operator panels support a Modbus interface to support PLCs. The DT80 series has a Modbus slave cabability which can be used by the display to poll for values to display.
  2. Via web interface. Panel PC's can support a browser interface. You can use either the built-in web pages or write custom pages to be displayed on a panel PC or similar.
  3. Via serial data. Some simple displays provide a serial interface. The DT80 range and DT800 loggers can output serial data from either the serial sensor port or the serial host port to these types of displays.

Here are some links to suppliers of these types of displays.

  • Maple Systems - Touch screens, Modbus interface
    • Blue series Ais small and inexpensive. Able to interface to DT80 range via Modbus interface and has been tested by Datataker. The BLU300 is a low cost unit and has been tested using Modbus connected to a DT80 Host RS232 port. It works reasonable well for input using arrow keys. Display is limited in size so best suited to simple tasks with perhaps 4 variables.
    • MAP450B Mini-Terminal has also been successfully interfaced using serial data to DT80 range and DT800 serial channel.

  • Advantech - Touch Panel PC, browser interface is used to create the required interface on this panel.
  • Weintek - Touch screens (5.7" mono, 5.7"color, 9.4"mono, 10.4"color) with Modbus interface. MT506TV model has been tested by Datataker as a Keyboard interface and data/mimic display. Modbus RS232 port was connected to DT80 HOST port which the latter was configured as a MODBUS slave. The touch screen works well and it is generally a crisp and bright display at 24V but the backlighting is dull at 12V.
  • Vartech Systems - Industrial LCD monitors and panel PCs.
  • Red Lion Controls - HMI has large displays on serial and Modbus interface.

GPS Receiver (GPS Mouse)

  • Garmin A
    • GPS18x 5Hz, samples at 5Hz for greater location precision
    • GPS18x, samples at 1Hz for general purpose use

Check DT80 & DT800 GPS programming examples - Code Examples

GPS to CANGate Wiring Information:

CANGate Pin       GPS          Colour
    1             Vin          Red
    2             Gnd          Black
    4             Tx           White
    8             Rx           Green
    -             Pulse        Yellow

Communications and Networking Products


  • Lantronix - UDS1100 Ethernet to 1xRS232, use this instead of obsolete dataTaker Ethernet to serial converter for the DT5xx/DT6xx range. A 25 to 9 pin adapter is required.

DT5xx/DT6xx to UDS 1100 Wiring Information:

DT5xx/DT6xx                       UDS 1100
  4 (Rx)                          3 (Tx)
  3 (Tx)                          2 (Rx)
  1 (Sig Gnd)                     7 Sig Gnd

1 to 2 link (might be required)
7 to 5 link (might be required)

  • FTDI A- USB to 1xRS232, use this with dataTaker DT500, DT800 and DT80 products when your PC hasn't got a RS232 serial port available.

Not all USB converters have been found to work reliably, this unit has been tested by Datataker.

PSTN Modems

3G Modems

Radio Modems

  • AvaLAN provide a number of Ethernet radio bridge products that allow you to connect dataTaker data loggers via Ethernet radio links (900Mhz/2.4Ghz/4.9GHz/5.8Ghz). They also have some nice, reasonably priced, spectrum analyser products that allow you to easily survey the available radio spectrum for radio site surveys and diagnostics.
  • Microhard Spread Spectrum offers SERIAL or Ethernet connection at 900MHz and 2.4GHz
  • FreeWave offers SERIAL or Ethernet connection at 900MHz and 2.4GHz

Satellite Modems

  • Wideye
    • Sabre I Remote, a light weight BGAN terminal with easy configuration interface for satellite pointing and dataTaker connection.
  • Hughes
    • 9211, a rugged and durable BGAN terminal - 9502, a BGAN terminal with low power consumption.

WiFi (IEEE 802.11b/g) Adaptors

If you want to simply be able to walk up to the logger with a PC and connect to it without any configuration on the PCs part with the DT80 NOT permanently connected to any WiFi Access Point.

  1. Set the Unit to AP mode and connect the ethernet cable supplied with the unit to the logger
  2. Connect to the logger using the USB cable and DeTransfer
  3. Type: PROFILE"ETHERNET","IP_ADDRESS"="169.254.xxx.yyy" 'where xxx and yyy are two numbers you have chosen
  6. Type IP to check if you have completed the proceedure correctly
  7. Right click on the wireless ICON in the system tray and select 'View available wireless networks'
  8. Select the 'Default' network
  9. It will ask for a Network Key enter 0000000000 twice
  10. The PC will then connect to the WiFi unit... it will look for a DHCP server and will not find one... This process takes around 1min... there are indications of this process in the system tray. A message will be shown 'Limited or No Connectivity' this means the PC cannot find a DHCP server and has allocated a random IP address in the 169.254.aaa.bbb range to its WiFi interface.
  11. You can now contact the logger using the IP address set in step 2... the simplest way to test this is to bring up Internet Explorer and enter the IP address in the address line. The DT80 web browser should pop up. The next time your PC locates that network it will not ask for the network address BUT it will spend around a minute looking for a DHCP server.

There are MANY possibilites in connecting this unit to a logger. however if you are like do not want to reconfigure your PC each time you connect to the logger the above is pretty simple. Other modes such as 'AdHoc' have not been tested. If you are going to use the unit to connect to WiFi access point follow the instructions in the supplied manual and use 'Client mode'.

Zigbee Modems

Digi International XBee-PRO™ Zigbee/802.15.4 RS-232 RF Modem Zigbee RS232 modem

Underwater Acoustic Modem

This has not been tested. http://www.link-quest.com/html/models1.htm

Vibrating Wire technology

Sensors based on vibrating wire technology are used to measure a variety of parameters such as strain, load, force, pressure, temperature, and tilt. The sensor output is a frequency that is proportional to the strain or tension of a tensioned steel wire within the sensor. Vibrating wire sensors are renowned for their long term stability and ability to transmit a signal over long distances (up to several kilometers). This makes them ideal for use in situations which require measurements over a long period in adverse environments.

Vibrating Wire Interfaces for use with DT80 range

Not all of the DT80 range of data loggers directly support vibrating wire sensors, only the GeoLogger models. To use these types of sensors with non GeoLogger models a third party vibrating wire interface is required. The following vibrating wire interfaces can be used with the dataTaker DT80 range of data loggers.

Canary Systems - VW DSP interface

Canary Systems VW DSP Interface


  • 2 channels of vibrating wire + thermistor inputs.
  • RS232 connection to the logger.
  • Relatively Inexpensive
  • Expandable using Analog multiplexer from same manufacturer. Up to 8 multiplexers with 16/32 channels on each multiplexer.
  • DSP processing of signal gives better readings in noisy environments.

data sheet

DT85 Code Example

Connection to logger

Power connection: The VW DSP requires nominal 12VDC, 40mA. The supply can be from 6VDC to 16VDC. This can be supplied directly from the 12V output of the DT85 or by using a separate power supply. For the DT80/81 you can use the external supply to the logger as long as it in the range 10-16VDC. Note that the enable terminal on the VW DSP (EN) should be connected to the supply as well to enable normal operation of the unit.

Communications: The VW DSP can be connected to either the serial sensor input (1SERIAL) or the HOST RS232 port (2SERIAL) if it is configured as a second serial sensor port.

To connect the VW DSP to the serial sensor port of a DT85 use the following connections:

DT85       VW DSP
         |->EN (Loop to 12V)

SS Tx<----->RD
SS Rx<----->TD

Keynes Control - VW-108 interface

Keynes Controls VW 108 Interface


  • 8 channels of vibrating wire and thermistor inputs.
  • SDI-12 connection to the logger
  • built in speaker and display for local diagnostics.

For information on the connection to the logger and code example look here

Sensor output

The VW-108 returns frequency for vibrating wire inputs, and raw voltage for the thermistor inputs. To convert the raw voltage to temperature it must first be converted to resistance. The thermistor conversion from mV(Vout) to Ohms(Rsense) is

SysCurrent (Amps) = (2.5V - Vout) / 3300Ohms
Rsense (Ohms) = Vout /SysCurrent

This assumes that the Input impedance when measuring Vout is relatively high (Meg Ohms). The accuracy of this system also assumes that any cable resistance is negligible compared to the sensor resistance.

Once the temperature input is converted to resistance then it can be converted to temperature units by following the thermistor manufactures recommendations.

Logger programming

The following table shows the required channel and options to use to access the relevent channels on the vibrating wire 108 interface.

VibWire 108 Input DT80/81/85 SDI-12
Channel & Options
0VW nSDI12(ADa,R001)
1VW nSDI12(ADa,R002)
2VW nSDI12(ADa,R003)
3VW nSDI12(ADa,R004)
4VW nSDI12(ADa,R005)
5VW nSDI12(ADa,R006)
6VW nSDI12(ADa,R007)
7VW nSDI12(ADa,R008)
0Therm/Analog nSDI12(ADa,R009)
1Therm/Analog nSDI12(ADa,R010)
2Therm/Analog nSDI12(ADa,R011)
3Therm/Analog nSDI12(ADa,R012)
4Therm/Analog nSDI12(ADa,R013)
5Therm/Analog nSDI12(ADa,R014)
6Therm/Analog nSDI12(ADa,R015)
7Therm/Analog nSDI12(ADa,R016)


  • n is the digital I/O channel being used to communicate via SDI-12 to to the VW-108 interface. This would be 5 if using Digital I/O 5 on the dataTaker to communicate to the VW-108 interface.
  • a is the SDI-12 address of the particular VW-108 to communicate with on the SDI-12 bus. This would normally be 0 if only one VW-108 interface is being used.

Code example

begin"VW-108 example"

' Set measurement rate to 10 seconds.

' Read the first two vibrating wire sensors and return the frequency
5SDI12("Gauge0 Freq",AD0,R001)
5SDI12("Gauge1 Freq",AD0,R002)

' Read the first two thermistor inputs and convert to Ohms
5SDI12(AD0,R009,=1CV,W) 2CV"Gauge0 Temp",=(1CV/((2500-1CV)/3300))/1000
5SDI12(AD0,R010,=1CV,W) 2CV"Gauge1 Temp",=(1CV/((2500-1CV)/3300))/1000

' enable logging of readings


Lightning protectors

The following companies offer lightning protection products that can be used with the dataTaker range of data loggers.

Harsh Environment Connectors

Connector~Tech provides a range of harsh environment connectors to the Australian market.

Serial Printers

Thermal Printers

Axiohm A630 Thermal Printer.jpg

Axiohm A630 series

An Australian Distributor is Artech

This printer has an RS232 port that can be used to receive data from either the dataTaker RS232 comms port or the serial sensor port.

SRI serial miniprinter (100% Australian made using epson printhead)

Plotting and Data Presentation tools for Developers

These tools may be useful for developing applications requiring custom presentation of data.

Gnuplot Command-Line Plotting Utility Software

Ploticus A free, GPL, non-interactive software package for producing plots, charts, and graphics from data.

GPS Visualizer A free, online utility that creates maps and profiles from GPS data. Ouputs in various formats including Google Earth. Requires some manipulation of logged data in CSV or TXT file.


Egg Buddy

The Egg Buggy is a digital egg monitor produced by Avitronics. Placing a fertile egg on the sensor pad the Egg Buddy will return the heart beat rate and heart waveform data of the developing embryo out an RS232 port that can be logged into the dataTaker.

Refer to Egg Buddy section of Code examples for programming details.

Avitronics web site

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