Nunclon Sphera Micro-Well Plates

Thermo Scientific NunclonTM SpheraTM for spheroid-organoid culture enables formation of reproducible spheroid cultures. Cells grow and aggregate with virtually no cell attachment to the culture vessel. Applications include spheroid culture, organoid culture and 3D culture.

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Growing 3D cancer cultures

The Nunclon Sphera surface minimizes variability and supports the consistent formation of cancer spheroid that simulate the 3D structures of tumor growth, providing a better model system for studying tumor cell progression and efficacy of anticancer agents in vitro.


Promoting formation of embryoid bodies (EB)

As an important milestone in the differentiation process, the Nunclon Sphera surface demonstrates superior quality for embryoid body formation of pluripotent stem cells with minimal spontaneous differentiation. The resultant cells are able to differentiate into all three germ layers.


Nunclon Sphera Microplates

  Item Code Description Pack Size
  NUN174925 Microwell 96U-well plate, round bottom, well volume 300 µL Case of 8
  NUN174927 Microwell 96F- well plate, Flat bottom, well volume 400 µL Case of 8
  NUN174929 Microwell 96U-well plate, Round bottom Bulk Pack Case of 50

Nunclon Sphera Dishes

  Item Code Description Pack Size
  NUN174930 Multidish 24-well, culture area 1.9 cm2 Case of 7
  NUN174931 Multidish 12-well, culture are 3.8 cm2 Case of 7
  NUN174932 Multidish 6-well, culture area 9.6 cm2 Case of 7
  NUN174943 Dish 35mm, culture area 8.8 cm2 Case of 20
  NUN174944 Dish 60mm, culture area 21.5 cm2 Case of 20
  NUN174945 Dish 90mm, culture area 56.7 cm2 Case of 20

Nunclon Sphera Flasks

  Item Code Description Pack Size
  NUN174951 T25 Cell Culture Flask, culture area 25 cm2 Case of 18
  NUN174951 T75 Cell Culture Flask, culture are 75 cm2 Case of 24

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