Smart-Tracker Modules And Accessories

Ensuring that the cold chain has been preserved, whether your products are in storage or in transit, just makes sense. Thermo Scientific™ Smart-Tracker™ makes temperature monitoring in the cold chain easy. All you need is a smart phone to wirelessly check stored temperature readings. There is no dedicated equipment, no docking stations and no complex computer installations.
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Smart-Tracker modules

Item Code Description Application Temp range Calibration
SMVST101-100 Smart-Tracker with 3.5m PT100 external sensor Ultra-low freezers, LN2 cryo, ovens -200 to +200°C -80°C
SMVST101-200 Smart-Tracker with 3.5m PT100 external sensor Not calibrated -200 to +200°C not calibrated
SMVST100-100 Smart-Tracker with internal sensor Ambient -40 to +85°C +23°C
SMVST100-101 Smart-Tracker with internal sensor Refrigerators, blood bank refrigerator, cold storage, transportation -40 to +85°C +5°C
SMVST100-102 Smart-Tracker with internal sensor Freezers, refrigerators, transportation, cold storage -40 to +85°C -30°C
SMVST100-200 Smart-Tracker with internal sensor Not calibrated -40 to +85°C not calibrated

Smart-Tracker accessories

Item Code Description Units
SMVST500-501 Smart-Tracker VARTA Batteries for -200 to +200°C 4 pcs
SMVST500-500 Smart-Tracker VARTA Batteries for -40 to +85°C 4 pcs
SMVST502-500 Smart-Tracker QR code sticker for use with smart-phone app 50 pcs
SMVST501-506 Smart-Tracker coloured rings BLACK (Pack 5) 5 pcs
SMVST501-503 Smart-Tracker coloured rings GOLD (Pack 5) 5 pcs
SMVST501-502 Smart-Tracker coloured rings GREEN (Pack 5) 5 pcs
SMVST501-500 Smart-Tracker coloured rings GREY (Pack 5) 5 pcs
SMVST501-501 Smart-Tracker coloured rings OCEAN BLUE (Pack 5) 5 pcs
SMVST501-505 Smart-Tracker coloured rings PURPLE (Pack 5) 5 pcs
SMVST501-504 Smart-Tracker coloured rings RED (Pack 5) 5 pcs
SMVST501-508 Smart-Tracker coloured rings SKY BLUE (Pack 5) 5 pcs
SMVST501-507 Smart-Tracker coloured rings YELLOW (Pack 5) 5 pcs
SMVST501-509 Smart-Tracker Set of 10 Rings (ALL COLORS) 10 pcs


  • Monitor temperature-sensitive goods during shipment and view stored temperature readings on your Smart-Tracker modules
  • Program high and low temperature limits
  • Replicate data in secure Cloud storage, with mapping using your device’s location services
  • An easy solution for monitoring temperature in packages, refrigerated trucks, laboratories, storage facilities, and more
  • Supports Bluetooth Smart, with a wireless range of approximately 30 meters (98 feet)

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