Open Water Samplers

Open Water Samplers

We supply a range of open water samplers and dippers for surface water sampling and monitoring. 


Swing Sampler

Take a liquid sample in a replaceable bottle! Sample from different angles up to 90 degrees. Use the Swing Sampler as a standard dipper with the bottle upright, or swing the bottle 90 degrees to sample in hard to reach areas such as sewers and other horizontal flows ...Download brochure

Long Handled Dipper

Features a polyethylene fixed cup with pouring spout. Samples are taken using a ladling action, and poured from the dippers’ sampling cup into you own sample bottles ...Download brochure

Waterra Telescoop Sampler

Versatile telescopic sampling system with exchangeable tools for a wide range of applications. The tools (angular beaker, pendulum beaker, and bottle holder) are attached to the rod by a practical snap-in joint ...Download brochure

Bomb Samplers

Manufactured from brass and bronze, then nickel plated, these samplers are designed to extract samples from drums, tanks, tank cars, wells and ponds ...Download brochure

Subsurface Grab Sampler

Collect liquid samples without physically entering potentially dangerous sites. The Subsurface Grab Sampler is excellent for access to fluid flow in manholes and hard to reach sampling areas ...Download brochure

Kemmerer Bottle

Useful for general purpose sampling at specified depths! The all-angle head locks the sampler in the open position and unlocks when struck by the messenger, closing both end seals of the sampler ...Download brochure

Alpha & Beta Water Bottle Sampler

Alpha water bottles are well suited for general purpose sampling at any depth. Plunger-like polyurethane end seals are water resistant and very flexible for a secure seal. Beta Plus bottles are similar to Alpha water bottles except for the end seals and closing tubing. The materials used in the Beta Plus make it more suitable for sampling trace metals and organics ...Download brochure

Van Dorn Style Bottle

Lightweight and compact, this water sampler is ideal for field workers ...Download brochure

Open Water Monitoring Accessories

A range of open water monitoring accessories including secchi disk and smapling kits, turbidity tube, bottom depth indicator and viewing bucket. ...Download brochure

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