dataTaker® CEM20

Channel Expansion Module

Extending the channel capacity of the latest dataTaker DT80 range of data loggers is made easy by the addition of dataTaker Channel Expansion Modules (CEM20). A dataTaker CEM20 connects to one analogue channel of the dataTaker data logger. Each CEM20 connects 20 universal data logging channels. The Module is suitable for the DT80 range dataTaker data loggers.


dEX® Logger Software

Pre-installed on All New DT80 Range Loggers

dEX datalogger software is an intuitive graphical interface that allows you to configure your data logger, view real-time data in mimics, trend charts or tables and retrieve your historical data for analysis.


dataTaker® CANgate

CANbus, GPS and Data Acquisition

The dataTaker CANgate is a CAN to ASCII gateway converting CAN (Controlled Area Network) and GPS data to serial data. It has been designed to capture the real-time data available on CAN and GPS networks (e.g. temperatures, RPM, brake/throttle settings, latitude, longitude, speed etc.) and pass that information on to either a dataTaker data logger or host computer system.


dEX® LabVIEW Driver

Visual Programming for dataTaker Data Loggers

The dataTaker LabVIEW Driver is a comprehensive library of VIs that allows dataTaker range of data loggers to be configured and queried from LabVIEW.


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