Geotechnical Logging

The dataTaker Geotechnical data loggers are easy to configure, cost effective data loggers. Rugged, reliable and low power – yet offer extremely versatile features for configuration, communications, data capture and data analysis.

The dataTaker GeoLoggers have built-in vibrating wire support providing an ‘All-in-One’ data acquisition and monitoring solution for the engineer working in the geotechnical environment.

The dataTaker GeoLoggers can monitor a wide variety of geotechnical applications including slope stability, subsidence, dam wall monitoring, tunnel and mining excavation, ground water, tunnel wall monitoring and site assessment.

More technical information on the latest most advanced GeoLoggers are now available :

dataTaker DT85G (16 Geotechnical Channels expandable to 300 channels)

dataTaker DT80G (5 Geotechnical Channels expandable to 100 channels)

dataTaker CEM20 (20 Channel Expansion module)

Geotechnical Generic Sensor Types

Vibrating Wire Piezometer, Extensometer, Inclinometers, Pressure and Load cells, Crack meters, Tilt meters, Strain and Carlson strain gauges. Compatible with all major brands of geotechnical instrumentation including Slope Indicator, GeoKon, RST Instruments, Roctest, Soil Instruments, and AGI – Applied Geometrics Inc.

Stand Alone & Low Power

The low power drain of the dataTaker GeoLoggers provide excellent stand alone data logging solutions. Power can be supplied to the logger via external batteries, solar panels or other independent sources as well as from mains power where available.

Superior Data Storage & Communications

Store up to 5 million data points in user defined memory, log as much or as little as you need with independent control of schedule size and mode. Overwrite or stop logging once allocated memory is full. Archive data on alarm event, copy to USB memory or transfer via FTP, the choice is yours. Communications features include RS232 with modem support, USB, Ethernet and USB memory.