A must for all new members who wants to know how to use this forum...


Postby KadeM » Fri Feb 10, 2012 3:39 pm

This forum allows users to ask questions about the dataTaker products and have them answered by others in the community or by the dataTaker team directly.

Within the forum there are sub-forums, the names of these sub-forums define the topics that should be contained within. Each topic can be a question related to a specific product or a range of products. A topic consists of several posts, which is similar to a conversation where people take turns in talking.

To read a topic just click its title and to create a new topic click on New Topic located on the top and at the bottom of the forum.

If you make a mistake in a comment/post, you can easily edit it. Just look for the Edit icon located on the top right side of the post. If you do make an edit to a post, it is good practice to identify in your post where you have made the change, that way if somebody has already read your post they can see what you changed.

For more information about how the forum works, please click on "Forum FAQ" located on the top right of this forum page.

Thank you for contributing to the dataTaker community and knowledge base.

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