Control String - Input action

The dataTaker DT80 5 channel general purpose data logger

Control String - Input action

Postby Fork » Fri Jul 06, 2018 4:08 am


I have a weatherstation with ESAU datastring. Every 10 minutes the input string to the DT will be 255 caracters longer (new weather data appended).
Now I try to discard the new inputstring till the following formatstring I can see "YYMMDD HHMM".

Is it possible to generate the YYMMDD via 20SV, 21SV and SV22-2000, and the time via 1ST and 2ST as one search string?

Is it possible with dt80 to control a string with lenght 144*255=36720 characters overall at before midnight ?
Thanks for your support.
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