Control String - Input action

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Control String - Input action

Postby Fork » Fri Jul 06, 2018 4:08 am


I have a weatherstation with ESAU datastring. Every 10 minutes the input string to the DT will be 255 caracters longer (new weather data appended).
Now I try to discard the new inputstring till the following formatstring I can see "YYMMDD HHMM".

Is it possible to generate the YYMMDD via 20SV, 21SV and SV22-2000, and the time via 1ST and 2ST as one search string?

Is it possible with dt80 to control a string with lenght 144*255=36720 characters overall at before midnight ?
Thanks for your support.
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Re: Control String - Input action

Postby paullomas » Mon Jul 23, 2018 9:21 am

' User defined
22sv(=3CV) 3CV;
21sv(=2CV) 2CV;
20sv(=1CV) 1CV;

d dest="ftp://xxx:xxx@

Not sure if this helps, I use the Time variables and map them to user variables in a user defined measurement each 15min. Then use it to name the files and directory.

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Re: Control String - Input action

Postby Rudy Gunawan » Thu Jul 26, 2018 11:23 am

@Paul: I think this is related to serial parsing, not creating FTP name for a file.

Hi Volker,
That is a bit difficult to have search string alter dynamically on CV.
The only possible way is rebuilding that date-time string via another serial port.
If you connect the sensor via serial sensor port, then have this trick on host port.
Connect pin 2 and 3 (add a jumper), then send 2SERIAL("{\d[22CV]\d[21CV]\d[20CV]^M^J}%s[1$]")
22CV, 21CV and 20CV represent year, month and date from 22SV, 21SV and 20SV.

Then you can use 1$ in your search on serial sensor port:

Please note the incoming data will need to have the same value as 1$.
The second option would be using other method than date information.
Usually the incoming string have some sort of data delimiter, you can count the number of delimiter until reach the above date string.
The number of delimiter can be used to create discard parsing.

DT80 may be able to parse all those 36720 characters if the incoming flow is not fast, however during parsing DT is not accessible.
Parsing will take a couple of minute to finish and you need to create the right parsing loop.

If you can send me the sample of incoming string (255 characters) perhaps we can find solution for both requirement.

Best regards,
Rudy Gunawan
Rudy Gunawan
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Re: Control String - Input action

Postby Fork » Thu Aug 02, 2018 7:58 pm

'am back.
The request is solved. With another outputcommand i get a static string which I can parsing.
This inputstring is refreshing every 10 Minutes.

Thanks for your suggestions.

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