The products and services philosophy of dataTaker is simple. We supply solutions based on easy-to-use hardware and software. Our data loggers accept all common sensors without the need for extra modules.

dataTaker Customers

Among the industrial end users are such organization as BHP, NASA, Bethlehem Steel, Kennecott Mining, ESSO, Dome Petroleum, General Motors, Ford, Volvo, SAAB, Subaru, British Aerospace, British Airways, Ansett, Bell Telephone, General Electric, Westinghouse, British Rail, BMW and Philips just to name a few.

Government Customers

Government instrumentality's using dataTaker equipment include CSIRO, DSIR, Departments of Agriculture in all Australian and many American states, electricity authorities in Sweden, Holland and Australia, the Swedish Standards Bureau, the Danish Atomic Energy Commission, the Australian, West German and Swedish military forces and the Chinese Academy of Science.

IS09001 Quality

We are certified to the ISO9001 International Quality Standard. This means that we have a competent and internationally recognized management system - for the "manufacture, factoring and servicing of microprocessor-based data acquisition, data logging and ancillary equipment" - to ensure supply of conforming products and services, and customer satisfaction. We also carry out extensive environmental and runtime testing to ensure the highest level of reliability in all our products, which is reflected by our 3-year warranty. High quality customer service and technical support are always available from our worldwide distributor network.

CE and C-Tick Certification

Our products are all certified to CE standards for emissions, susceptibility and safety. You can find these documents in the "documents" menu above.


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